Rock Ridge Learning - RockRidgeLearning Fake school- Not registered with the State of Florida/Florida Dept. of Education

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Fake school!Doesn't answer your emails!

Did some research found out they are not registered with State of Florida! Not registered with the Florida Department of Education! I called the Florida Department of Education never heard of them before and indicated they hadn't even applied for permission. Christian school - what a bunch of ***!

I found this school on LinkedIn. Executive appears to be James Majors who has a criminal record. If you ask me this is beyond scary! I called some of my teacher friends they stated they remembered this guy had a fake teachers license.

Fake School- Stay away!

Review about: Education Grades K Through 12 Grade Online School.



My name is Brian and I am representing Rock Ridge Learning Corporation.I was called to address this issue with "Pissed-Consumer" and with anyone who wants to post illegal and slanderous comments about my clients company.

Rock Ridge Learning is not open as of today's date to students or teachers.

As such, the company is currently seeking registration with the Florida Department of Education, and working to acquire all the correct legal documents for operations in the State. Secondly, the company does not list anything on Linked-in, or any other site concerning the executive being James Majors, and for anyone to maliciously attach a person's character and reputation is a low person, and is legally a form a malicious slander that I will not tolerate as an Attorney at Law. Under the law, slander is a malicious, false, and defamatory statement that is intended to tarnish a company or person's good name. This is a major crime, and I am warning the person who wrote this previous post as well as anyone else who considers posting anything about my clients company or considers attacking this persons reputation, I will bring formal legal charges against you.

I will be sending a court ordered document to "Pissed Consumer" requesting the official release of records for the above named person's account, including IP addresses and location of posting, and I will bring legal charges to this person and any other person who attempts to attack my clients company via...

Rock Ridge Learning is a legit company, and an educational school.Anyone who says anything other, is committing a crime.

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